Is there a fee for your services?

    No, there is no fee for consulting with our agency nor purchasing a policy through our agency. Only in the case of some Auto and Home Insurance policies can there be a separate commission for an agent’s assistance. Feel free to ask us about that. However, there is never an additional charge for any type of Health insurance. Our services are free to you.

    Why would I choose your agency?

    We are a well-established, independent, family insurance agency. As an independent agency, we can quote multiple insurers. If an insurer becomes uncompetitive or leaves the market, we can move you to a new insurer. As a well-established family agency, we focus on long-term client satisfaction. We do not have sales quotas so there is no pressure for sales. And, we are primarily a referral business due to good business practices.

    I want an on-line quote but can’t do that on your quote page.

    Some insurance (i.e., health insurance) can be straight-forward so our quote page allows you to get an accurate quote. Auto and Home insurance for example can be more complex. There are general quoting websites; but they are simply “guesstimates”. To get a worthwhile quote, it is best to fill out our quote form. Then an agent will contact you to do an accurate quote.

    Do we meet in person to discuss my needs?

    We can assist clients in person, on the phone or by email. We do make recommendations on the best process depending on your situation. Still, we always strive to make the process convenient for you.

    Why would I use your service as opposed to shopping on my own?

    You can do both! We are happy to have clients shop on-line and then check in with us for clarifications and opinions on plans. Insurance can be complex. We’ll always let you know if we agree with you or would suggest another option.

    Do I need to learn about all these insurance plans or can I just have you to do the work for me?

    We would be happy to quote for you. We have questionnaires to help us understand your needs and make plan recommendations. We know the plans and can target the best choices for you. We’ll also be sure to educate about your plan so there are no surprises.

    I have a question not covered in this FAQ section.

    Go to our Contact Us page and send us an email or give us a call. We will be happy to answer any questions.